About the Rock Shop

The legend of Hard Rock is rooted in a tale of young entrepreneurship, a craving for classic American fare and a passion for rock ‘n’ roll. It was London, 1971 when two shaggy haired idealists, Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett banded together over a mutual love of music and mouthwatering burgers. All it took was a menu of authentic American food and a friendly attitude to start a revolution capable of breaking both culinary and societal boundaries to deliver an experience that speaks volumes to all who enters its doors.

Burgers, fries and milkshakes were just the beginning. Throughout its years Hard Rock has evolved from a restaurant into a global phenomenon, founded on a commitment to charitable activities and humanitarian causes in every corner of the world. Our four core mottos: All is One, Love All-Serve All, Take Time to Be Kind and Save the Planet have served as the pillars in which Hard Rock was built on and to this day they continue to be the company’s guiding principles. Another crucial piece of Hard Rock history is our priceless memorabilia treasure trove, home to over 80,000 pieces of rare musical memorabilia in a collection touted by Andy Warhol as being the “Smithsonian of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” And it all started with an unexpected gift from an old Café regular, Eric Clapton.

But we don’t just own rock history, we are rock history. Hard Rock merchandise has made its mark on the world with a timeless classic tee that was originally created as the sponsored uniform for a local London sports team. After requests began pouring in for the classic logo tee, the very first Rock Shop was born as a retail counter at the original London Café. The classic tee transformed into a sought-after collectible made to commemorate the memory of each Hard Rock experience. It also inspired an entire assortment of merchandise featuring everything from limited edition pins, to hoodies, jewelry, hats, active wear, luggage, accessories, glassware and more. Hard Rock has a storied history that continues to thrive to this very day, proving truth to the phrase that legends never die.